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Booking and quoting information
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Reservations Requirments
The following details are required in order to process a reservation:
• The names of all people travelling
• Arrival and departure details eg: flight number and time
Please Note: We strongly advise that you pre-book a full nights accommodation for early morning arrivals and/or late departures so that you may have access to you rooms immediately upon check in at resorts/hotels and/or right up until the time you are scheduled to leave for the airport. Samoa Scenic will endeavour to reply to all bookings within 24hours. Our team of dedicated staff will be available at all times for any urgent queries or additional booking changes. Written confirmation of all bookings will be provided via fax or e-mail.

All passengers booked must produce a receipt, vouchers, ticket or e-docs and present them upon arrival. A copy is necessary for the Hotel and the Transfer Operator.

Cancellation & Amendments
• No shows or transfers not utilized for all confirmed bookings due to a passenger’s failure to arrive prior to vehicle departure will incur a 100% no show fee.
• Samoa Scenic will not refund any pre-paid vouchers that are not utilized.
Cancellations 7 days or over of arrival/booking commencement: No charge
Cancellations within 7 days of commencement: 25% or 1 night accommodation or as determined by Hotel/Operator
No Show: 100% Cost of tour/transfer
All cancellations must be forwarded to Samoa Scenic Tours by either fax or e-mail. The time of receipt by SST determines the time of cancellation.
Amendments to travel dates must be done 1 day prior to date of travel.
Any amendments received within 24hours of travel may incur a fee depending on any contracted service provider.
Unutilized vouchers cannot be amended after the date of travel as this voucher is deemed to be void.



The term “Group” applies to any reservation which requires a booking for a minimum of 10 persons.

Rooming List
The initial rooming list is required 30 days prior to arrival of the group and the final names 14 days prior to arrival. Samoa Scenic reserves the right to automatically release any space held which has not been secured by a rooming list and any required deposits.

Deposit / Prepayment / Billing
Group Reservations are subject to the following conditions:
• 60 Days - A deposit of 25% of expected accommodation revenue. Note: This deposit is non-refundable should the group cancel. At this time, if rooms requested are less than initially envisaged, we reserve the right to release part of the accommodation block made by the group.
• 30 Days - A rooming list will be provided for any bookings received and unsold rooms will be released without penalty.
• Full Payment is required 30 days prior to group arrival.

Cancellation Policy
Up to 60 days before arrival: Rooms may be cancelled without penalty.
30 - 60 days before arrival: A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to hold the rooms.
15 - 29 days before arrival: 2 x nights cancellation fee on all rooms released.
0 - 14 days before arrival: Full nights cancellation fees on rooms released.
No Show: Full cancellation fees will be charged for all Rooms and Food and Beverage requirements booked.

Samoa Scenic will only carry one (1) piece of luggage up to 25kg per person per sector.
Additional items such as surfboards, golf clubs and bicycles attract an additional fee eg:–
Surfboards -NZ$10 each
Bicycle – NZ$10 each
For a full list of extra charges, please contact Samoa Scenic directly.
Samoa Scenic will not carry any un-accompanied luggage whatsoever.
Samoa Scenic will not be liable for damage or loss of luggage whatsoever although all reasonable care will be taken.
Samoa Scenic recommends all passengers travelling to have comprehensive travel insurance.

General Terms and Conditions
Samoa Scenic will not be liable for the sickness, injury or death to any passengers, loss of or damage of any personal effects, whether caused by Samoa Scenic negligence or otherwise.
Samoa Scenic reserves the right to use any size vehicle for services at any time.
Samoa Scenic reserves the right to alter prices, times, itineraries or arrange alternative transportation and services.
Samoa Scenic is not responsible for the disruption to tours due to bad or unusual weather conditions and compensation is not payable if weather conditions force cancellation or amendment to the tour.

The company and its agents act only as agents of the passengers in matters relating to accommodation, sightseeing tours and transport whether by aircraft, road, coach, ship, boat or any other means and shall not be liable for injury, delay, loss or damage arising in any case in any matter and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any default of that operator whatsoever.

Whilst every care is taken, the company cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to baggage and it is, therefore, advisable to take out separate baggage insurance. 

The company’s liability to passengers carried on its own vehicles is governed by the respective laws of the country to which the tours takes place and no other country claims are subject jurisdiction of the court of the country in which the cause of action may arise. 

The company reserves the right to employ sub-contractors to carry or any part of the service agreed and, in the event of the exercise of such rights, the terms of the clause relating to the Company’s liability shall apply.
 i) In the event that any claim is made against the Travel Agent or Tour Operator in respect of loss or damage occasioned by the breach of contract, negligence or other fault of Samoa Scenic, Samoa Scenic, shall be liable to indemnify the Travel Agent or Tour Operator (as the case may be) only if such a claim would have been awarded against the Travel Agent or the Tour Operator (as the case may be) in the country in which the tours takes place if the Travel Agent or the Tour Operator (as the case may be) has submitted to the jurisdiction of the said court. 
 ii) In respect of any such claim, as mentioned in sub-clause (above) of this clause, Samoa Scenic shall be under no liability whatsoever or howsoever arising other than the liability expressed in this clause.
 iii) For the purpose of this clause, Samoa Scenic shall be deemed to include its servants and agents and shall be deemed to contract on its own behalf and on behalf of each servant and agent.