Essence of Upolu

This tour is six and a half hours. The tour begins with a drive through the North East of Upolu along the coast with local villages. We will stop at "Plum Pudding Rock" viewpoint for photos and a stretch. We continue inland through mountains, plantations, rain forest till we reach Sopo'aga Falls & Mini Botanical Garden, this site overlooks the falls as they plunge down into a gorge surrounded by jungle. The gardens have our typical staple food, native plants used for cooking and some used for medicinal purposes. Rest Rooms are available at Sopo'aga.

Tafatafa Beach is the venue for our BBQ lunch, with time to swim, sunbathe, or just relax under an open Samoan "fale" or tree. We will spend an hour and a half here. Our return is via the "Cross Island Road" back to Apia. Final stop is at the "Papapapaitai Falls" that drops into an old volcanic crater. As we descend towards Apia, serene views of the coastline and harbour can be seen, (you can see your ship) as we make our way back to the wharf. 

Monday - Saturday

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Costs Include BBQ lunch, entry fees & hotel transfers.

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Please Note Some hotel locations may incur an additional transfer cost, please enquire to find out more. Minimum 2 pax. Please note that some tours may not be available on all dates due to minimum pax requirements. If this scenario arises, Samoa Scenic will endeavour to meet the clients needs with suggestions of alternative dates at time of booking.

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