Protocols and customs

Very much like Samoa, the Fa’a Samoa in American Samoa is strongly focused on respect and service and Samoans welcome the opportunity to share their heritage with visitors. So bearing this in mind we have listed some local protocols when you visit villages, beaches and scenic sites.

  • Samoan’s are very religious and in some villages each day a “sa” or curfew is imposed during the evening prayer curfew (usually between 5.00pm and 6.30pm) depending on the village. Avoiding walking around the village during these curfews, which normally last about 30 minutes. Not all villages have prayer curfews, so ask someone before visiting during these times.
  • Sunday in American Samoa is a day of worship, spending time with family and rest, so no work is done and people are asked to respect this day. All major shops are closed, but visitors can buy goods from the local villages stores found through the islands. Visitors are welcome to attend church and if you wish to do so please dress appropriately, a blouse and long skirt for the ladies and the men, shirt and trouser.
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